A Comparison: The Top Desktop Vaporizers that Money Can Buy

Are you looking for the Best Desktop Vaporizers in IGET Hot Flavours? Trust in the experience of the professionals and the reviews of repeat customers to get a better sense of what will work for you. This is a must read, that will give you insight on the desktop vaporizers that are available in different shapes, features and prices based on your needs and budget. Looking for the thickest clouds? Prefer a balloon delivery system?

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer This is something you can get for around 200 dollars (on sale) which can be considered to be one of the more affordable desktop vaporizers you can buy. This specialty vaporizer allows vapers to utilize either a tube delivery or a balloon delivery method with a sleek and a bright digital display. The stylish body has a modern shape and potpourri/oil dish. The product is highly recommended as the perfect balloon/tube delivery systems of the highest quality for the price. It’s a true favorite for vaping enthusiasts who appreciate the cycle bowl vertical airflow system that ensures even vaporization distribution.

Plenty Vaporizer This is another desktop vaporizer available that comes in at 249 dollars with some unique features. The specific machine is manufactured by the company Volcano and is targeted at the high end users specifically. This hand-held vaporizer is powerful, packing a double helix heat changer. The highly efficient technology also includes a temperature control system that is very precise, enhancing the user satisfaction. Enjoy the efficiency of the stainless steel cooling coil for the ultimate vaping experience.

Vapir Rise Version 2.0 This is a slightly different model that comes with a unique interface that is highly user friendly. Enjoy options like temperature control and fan speed control. This amazing product gives you the opportunity to share with up to four people at once with the hookah adapter! Whether you prefer balloon or hose inhalation methods, you’ll love the full flavor experience that only comes from toxin-free products. Plus, the heater is calibrated to only rise to 320 – 410 degrees Fahrenheit thus never burning your materials.

Herbalizer the Premium Product This is one of the most superior products available on the market which is also priced at a premium of $599.99. The super fast in-air temperature sensor delivers heat faster than pretty much any other vaporizer. Everything about this device screams purity. Each part is inert, there’s no gas given off when you use them; they’re safer for you to use and for the environment.

But wait, it gets better. From the stainless steel airway to the medical grade silicone, every single component is designed to give you the best flavor and overall experience. Never again overheat or worry about spilling or other hazards if it gets knocked over. Several years of design and engineering went into this vaporizer, sculpting for vapers a one-of-a-kind experience, bar none. If you’re looking for the highest quality and purity standards, look no further! Enjoy your vape time and time again with the Herbalizer.

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