Different Kinds of Internet Scams

Today, millions of people around the world use the Internet on a daily basis. latest scam reviews This is due to a wide variety of useful information available in many websites and the convenience it offers to web users. However, it also resulted in many Internet users being victimized by different online scams. These internet scams have enormously emerged and has already alarmed the authorities.

The objective of these scams is to steal money and property. It even caused death to unsuspecting victims. Based on reports from authorities, there are millions of dollars of lost money due to these crimes, and because of this, many police agencies have organized special units to combat these kinds of crime. Scammers use different schemes and strategies in order to do their criminal acts. Here are some of the many kinds of Internet scams spreading online.

E-mail is one of the most used features of the Internet that provides users a convenient means of communication. However, e-mails have become a great way for scammers to easily lure money or personal information from innocent individuals.

Phishing is one of the scams which use e-mails as a way to fool people. These e-mail scams usually consist of letters pretending that they are from a bank or an online financial group, providing a link and convinces you to visit that certain website and requests you to fill up a form that is aimed to collect sensitive personal information such as bank accounts, credit card information, passwords and many other information.

These sites are “bogus”, in the sense that it looks like a legitimate company since it resembles the looks of some of the known legitimate companies offering the same services posted by the scammers. In reality, e-mails from these sites are merely to tempt their prospect victims to provide their personal data and once they succeed, they will use the submitted information to steal money from the victim’s bank accounts or purchase items through the credit card provided by the victim.

Phishing was first known during the 1990’s when an attacker has attempted to steal AOL accounts by sending numerous messages to Internet users. The messages are intended to lure users to verify their accounts and ask their victims to input the password for the account. Afterwords, the victim’s accounts will then be used to do different scamming schemes and even distribute numerous spam mails.

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