Essential in Today’s Recruitment Process – Candidate Verification

In today’s world, it has become very essential to verify the credentials of the candidates before recruiting them. At times, the job seekers do not provide correct information about themselves, in their resumes, due to a variety of reasons. Also, they fail to disclose the true nature of their previous jobs and the reasons for which they had left those jobs. Hence, organizations need to include candidate 검증업체 in the recruitment process so that they can be assured that the job seekers have provided correct information in their job applications and resumes.

1) To verify the identity of the candidates– when an individual applies for a job, you can never be sure if the jobseeker has revealed his or her true identity. In many cases, the people looking for employment may hide their true identity, if they have committed any crime in the past. This is why, it is important to verify the identity of the job seekers to ensure that you do not end up hiring people with criminal records.

2) To verify that they are qualified – even though a jobseeker might produce a document showing that he or she has completed any particular degree or diploma, you can never be sure that the document is real. Hence, it is important that your organization verifies if the candidate is actually qualified so that he or she can handle the responsibilities associated with the job position. If they document provided is fake, the candidate will not be able to do justice to the job position.

3) To comply with legal requirements– these days, laws in different countries require the employers to verify the identity of each and every employee. You can never be certain if an individual is associated with terrorism, money laundering or other criminal activities. Hence, your organization needs to verify their credentials before hiring them so that you are able to adhere to the laws in your country.

How is verification done?

There are many private firms which conduct candidate verification on behalf of various employers. They are very thorough and they ensure that each and every detail provided by the jobseekers is verified. They usually charge a certain amount of fee, which may not be too high given the fact that they provide a very important service. The agencies also check the criminal background of the jobseekers to ensure that they do not have any criminal records.

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