Helping Architects Cut Through Affordable Housing Red Tape

Architects play an important role in affordable housing development. Even the most innovative, effective development plan can’t move forward unless the top residential architects in Miami plans are accurate and meet applicable requirements. Roberta Feldman knows this. As the City Design Center Director for the University of Illinois, she aims to help architects cut through governmental red tape when designing affordable plans.

Her main venue for teaching and equipping architects is a conference called Architecture for Change. The conference features architects whose affordable plans have been built and are now occupied by low- to middle-income residents. Feldman calls it a “how-to” conference.

Well-informed architects who are familiar with federal, state and local government requirements can create designs that meet those requirements from the beginning, rather than having to invest additional time and money into re-drawing them. In addition, Feldman believes that architects can help usher a plan through state and city councils by being aware of things like existing housing policy and affordable housing shortages in the area.

Feldman’s first Architects for Change conference included panel discussions covering topics like “Why design matters,” “Why change is necessary,” and “How to make design affordable.” Nearly 20 designers and other activists were scheduled to participate in the panel discussions and present their successful designs. In addition, the Museum of Contemporary Phenomena presented an interactive exhibit called “Fenced In/Fenced Out” that traced the affordable housing movement from its beginning to modern times.

The key role that architects play in affordable housing puts them in a unique position to improve a plan’s chances for development. In addition, by using innovative and modern design techniques, architects can make affordable housing a beneficial addition to any neighborhood.

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