How to Choose Rugs For Modern Houses

Just a few years ago there was and opinion that rugs and carpets are reserved for houses in modern houses – usually because of their classic designs. But nowadays it is said that modern interior decor can’t exist without modern rugs.

Probably the producers of mats, carpets and rugs decided that it is time for a change. And that’s why they’ve changed their assortment into something with more modern designs. This was a reason of giving mats and rugs a second chance – even in modern and very fancy houses.

Very popular are these days carpets with long hair. But some people should remember that they might not be very practical. Especially when a person have a dog or don’t like vacuuming to much. That’s only an example showing that choosing the right floor covering should be done wisely. Our taste is not the only element that we should think of while designing our floor.

One of most important matters is fabric that our carpet is made of. For example more and more popular are getting now wool, sisal and sea grass. Even if the last two aren’t a typical materials for making rugs. Many people prefer having ecological interiors rather than having carpets made of artificial textiles. Even if the look of the room might sometimes suffer.

For some people more important is a matter of cleaning the fabric that was putted on the floor. That’s why they decide for having washable rugs. It’s sometimes hard to find such rugs that can be cleaned with water and also may be fasten permanently. A good alternative for that is having small colourful mats on the floor covered with panels. It is very similar to what we usually have in the kitchen and tiled floor under it.

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