How To Choose The Right Singing Teacher

Every one of us has music in our souls… all it takes is the right coach to get it out of us. A good singing non dual teacher will not admonish you for tiny mistakes or insist on dropping you if you don’t have a sweet voice. Rather, a good singing teacher is one who is aware that focused training in a fun and effective manner will help bring out the best vocals in you.

How do you find yourself the right singing teacher? Here are some of the most important factors to help you decide whether the singing teacher you have in mind is indeed, the right one for you.

Find out if the teacher is effective

Referrals and recommendations are the key. If you know someone who recently learnt singing and performs really well, you might want to ask them where they acquired their skills.

Once you meet a teacher, you must look over testimonials, students from the past, teaching credentials of the instructor, and whether the teacher is affiliated to professional music associations.

Check if you are comfortable with the teacher

Research shows that our voice is closely associated with our ego. The less comfortable you are with a person, the lesser you trust them and experiment with your voice. Having a good rapport with your teacher is of critical importance if you want to learn voice modulations.

A good teacher knows and understands this, so he/she must be willing to put you at ease. Relaxed tutoring is important and if you feel stressed and pushed by your teacher, you may want to look elsewhere.

Does the teacher offer a wide variety of lessons?

Although the basics of all music genres are the same, a good teacher must have the necessary skills to guide you towards your singing passion. A good teacher will be able to offer you all the assistance you need, or refer you to another teacher who specializes in your genre of choice.

Know what you are looking for. If you are looking for rock music lessons, your teacher must help you sing with gravel in your voice. If it is metal you are interested in, you should be able to sing without shredding your voice. Talk to your instructor and mention clearly what your goals are.

Do you have a performance opportunity?

Good music teachers know that, in the end, their students are looking to perform. The question is: can they help? Most teachers definitely do. While searching for a singing teacher, look carefully if there have been performances by students in the past. It doesn’t have to be a huge event. Any community gathering, a church event or private party performances are good. If the teacher helps you get solo auditions, that’s a huge plus.

Some music teachers are affiliated to associations that conduct singing contests and rate participants. You should check if you would have a chance to compete, if you join a singing programme with someone. If they offer you a chance to do so, take it.

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