How To Consistently Be Living a Christian Life

As Christians, we may feel like we are living a christian life while it is being bashed at or attacked by many non-who is jesus christ of this World. Whether we go to watch a movie, or we walk around our neighborhoods, we will see many people turning away from God or being very Satanic and worldly.We must, as Christians, be able to stay strong and stay consistent in order for us to be living a christian life. living a christian life isn’t that easy, but that means we have to strive to create habits that will enable us to live it properly and prosperously!

Living a Christian Life Through Our Workplace/School/Home


It is important for us to understand that our workplace could be one of the most difficult places to be living a Christian life. First of all, many non-Christians will be by your side, and they will do things that will make you feel inferior or not a Christian. You might feel the urge to have another affair with a woman or man, or you might want to be a procrastinator and not want to work. These are bad habits that you need to avoid!

One thing you can do is to pray. Prayer can get you out of anything! Whether it’s an addiction, or something that you want changed or even just downright talking to God, it is important to communicate with Him, in order for your spiritual soul to regain its strength and to stay strong in times of feeling inferior!

Another thing is to find other Christian friends. It is definitely hard when you are hearing every swear word in the urban dictionary every single day! One way, is to find good mutuality with someone, and then be open to the point where you can share things about your life openly! If you can’t find Christian friends, not a problem! Just make sure you are avoiding as much as possible the amount of satanic words or actions you see or hear on a daily basis! This will definitely make you not falter, and will continually make you strive for consistency.


If you are a University/College, High School and even Elementary student, obviously scenarios will vary by many different variables. First of all, you are all being raised and grown by parents who love God and want to share with you, and secondly, you are still learning life things so you are bound to make mistakes! Don’t worry though, you can easily learn from them and move on.

First of all, stay focused on school. Going out for unnecessary activities may alter your grades and eventually, your lifestyle! Be sure to do this  in moderation, and to always put God first, and school and family after that.

Secondly, find the right influence. A lot of times a young man or woman, who wants to consistently be living a Christian life, will have and experience many different types of classmates and personalities and other things happening around at school. Let God take charge, and He will give you wisdom. It may seem hard, because you will feel out of place, but that’s okay! Trying to always fit in isn’t always the answer to staying social or having friends (it’s much more to that)! It’s about strengthening your Faith in God and to love Him more than this world!

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