Keeping Your Lips in the “Pink” of Health

Well, the good news is black, dark lip blushing perth are mostly caused by unhealthy habits that even the best of us have and if we just have the determination to do a 360 degree change of such habits, then the road to pink, healthy lips is ours to take. Check out these tips to keeping your lips in the “pink” of health:

First and foremost, the number one tip to follow for pink, healthy lips is to avoid smoking or stop smoking if you are into that habit. Cigarettes have nicotine which is a proven lip darkening component. It may be hard to quit but then the rewards that await are also great because having pink, luscious lips is just one of the many.

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine which pretty much works the way nicotine in cigarettes do. Moreover, caffeine can stain your teeth which is not exactly attractive to look at especially if you’re a girl. If you need to drink any of these drinks, try minimizing it first and then once you’ve gotten used to that amount of drinking, you can go one level higher. This time, do it sparingly.

You are a direct reflection of what you eat so this goes to say that you should always eat what’s healthy. This includes your green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which you should incorporate into your diet everyday. Vitamin C is likewise important in supplying your lip’s needed nutrition so that lip pigmentation will be reduced.

Do you know that your lips are in need of exfoliation too? One of the factors that make them look black and dry is actually build-up of dead skin. So do scrub them regularly with a soft lip brush and an organic lip product. Sugar also makes a great exfoliant. Brushing it over your lips easily removes the dead skin. Don’t forget to put lip balm after exfoliating.

Biting or sucking your lips makes them lose hydration; thereby causing a blackening or drying effect. You therefore need to ensure that your lips are kept hydrated with the use of a lip moisturizer. Drinking the prescribed eight glasses of water everyday can also help keep your lips in optimum health.

The sun can cause an increased reaction of the pigment, melanin in our lips which causes them to blacken. It’s therefore recommended that we protect our lips through lip balms or an SPF-containing lipstick to keep them in pink color. Drinking water with chlorine, be it some or more in content, it can cause lip pigmentation. This, in turn, leads to not just dark but dead lips. Chlorine can also weaken your teeth and if taken in great amounts over a long period of time, you just might end up losing them.

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