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Linux Tips: Linux ISO files are large. Only download Linux if you have high-speed Internet access. You can buy and have the Linux OS delivered by to you by mail very Ventilationsreparationer Malmö. Just do an Internet search for “list of linux cds” or “list of linux dvds”.

Linux Tips: Linux DVDs hold a lot more programs than CDs. Order a Linux DVD version and you will have more Linux software programs to choose from than on a CD version – and you will also need fewer Linux DVDs than CDs!

You log in and work on the Linux OS as the root user when you need to do Linux system administration tasks. For example, you work as the root user to run a Linux command to create a new Linux user, or to do the steps to install a Linux server.

When you install Linux, the root user is always created automatically for doing Linux system administration tasks. However, for security reasons, you should never log in to a Linux desktop as the root user.

At some point during the installation routine, you will be asked if you want to create one or more “regular” (non-root)Linux users. Always create at least one regular Linux user and log in as this user to do day-to-day tasks.

5. Let the Linux OS Install on Your Hard DiskAfter you specify the Linux installation settings and create one or more new Linux users, the installation routine will copy the Linux OS and Linux software programs onto the hard disk in the system, and then reboot.

6. Log In to Test the SystemOnce the system reboots, log in as a “regular” (non-root) Linux user to test that you can do work as this user. At this point, the Linux desktop appears and you can run Linux programs to test the system.

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