Reasons Silver Will Continue to Outperform

Silver coins currently minted are only 40% χρυση λιρα τιμη μαυρη αγορα (if that). Junk silver coins make a better investment choice because they were made prior to 1965 with ninety percent silver content. Silver is often overlooked in favor of gold as an investment but is one of the better choices when considering long-term investments.

What is the price for junk silver coins?

Most surprisingly, junk silver coins are sold according to their face value. For instance, when you buy $1,000 worth of quarters you would only pay $1,000 and get 4,000 quarters. Likewise when you purchase $250 worth of dimes it only costs you $250 and still you would receive 2,500 dimes. In late June, 2013, silver was as low as $19 an ounce, the best price in years.

What do you really Receive?

When a person purchases $1,000 of bulk silver coins – either dimes, half dollars or quarters, they would weigh at 795 ounces and 715 ounces are pure silver – the last 10% is copper that is used to keep the coins hard. That’s a good amount of silver and they never decrease in value – a dime will always be worth ten cents, a quarter remains worth twenty-five cents, and a half dollar will always be worth fifty cents or possibly more in relation to the fluctuating price of silver.

Why should I buy bulk silver coins?

When buying silver bars or ingots an investor is forced to pay a markup premium, but because bulk silver coins were created prior to 1965, there are no other fees to buy them. The United States mint guarantees their silver content mix to be 90 percent and ten percent copper. They will be a form of legal tender spendable when you want to or need to for that purpose.

You have the right to buy junk silver coins in a denomination of your choice or as a mixed bag with some of each. You can buy them as either one bag of dimes, one bag of half dollars, or as one bag of quarters. Bulk silver coins are easy to transport which is quite different than silver bars or ingots that weigh quite a bit more. Bulk silver coins are much easier to store in places of your choice-either divided into bags, boxes, or any container of your choice.

What is the value of bulk silver coins today?

Bulk silver coins are selling for over ten times their face value meaning that a silver dollar is worth more than $10 – making it a very worthwhile investment option.

Persons invested in silver last month (July, 2013) experienced upward gains when silver exchange-traded funds like the ETFS Physical Silver Shares Trust (NYSE Arca: SIVR) was one of the top-performing funds in August, 2013; the price of silver surged upward about 20% in the month which pulled the funds’ value up with it. From a 34-month low price on June 28, 2013, silver has now surged 29% higher.

Here are three reasons investing in silver should be a money-making move:

Investing in Silver Reason #1: The Worldwide Retail Demand

A key reason backing the surge in the silver price is continuing strong retail demand.

Unlike the outflow in gold ETFs (exchange traded funds), silver ETFs saw money flow into them in excess of $100 million in August, 2013. This year holdings in Gold ETFs have fallen by one-fourth, to about 680 metric tons. Holdings of silver ETFs have increased this year by about 6% to 20,082 metric tons.

Note: Right now in July, 2013, we are in the best opportunity to buy silver in recent history. This could be your last chance to buy silver at a bargain price as most silver and gold coin analysts predict silver’s metal price will slingshot higher in the near future.

Add to that the physical demand for silver coins.

Sales of American Eagle silver coins by the United States mint stated so far in 2013 – 33.75 million ounces have been sold – already surpassing the total amount sold in 2012.

All of these facts denote that buying into silver one way or another is one of the best investments the average person can make in 2013 and hold it for the long run, the next five years.

Invest in Silver Reason #2: Silver Demand in India Continues to Surge

The continuing “war” on gold and restricting imports by India’s government is stimulating Indian investors’ traditional affection for silver – the second precious metal, only behind gold’s popularity. Ever since the government increased tariffs on gold imports, silver imports have soared.

The Poor Man’s Gold

Sudheesh Nambiath, Reuters GFMS analyst in Mumbai, India stated “the rate of India’s silver imports so far in 2013 more than doubled from last year’s level.”

India imported 1,900 metric tons of the metal in 2012. So far in 2013, imports have reached 3,000 metric tons already, with the rest of the year still to register more imports.

The United Kingdom is the source for most of the imports. Exports of silver to India in the second quarter alone were 1,415 metric tons according to trade data. This equated to three times last year’s number and since 2008 is the highest quarterly total yet.

The retail demand for silver jewelry in India is predicted to rise 20% this year. The majority of silver is turned into jewelry while silver is considered the “Poor man’s Gold.”

Investing in Silver Reason #3: China’s Voracious Appetite

Since China lifted its ban on owning gold by the populace about 2003, the Chinese people have flocked to buying gold jewelry and gold investments. Likewise they recognize the investment potential in silver as all governments around the world run their money printing presses day and night cheapening the Chinese dollars and the dollars in every other country simultaneously.

Add in to this huge demand the little known fact that most of the products made in the tremendously popular iPhones, plasma TV’s, laptop computers, iPads and the majority of millions of electronic products sold worldwide rely on small amounts of silver for their parts to work and you have an [ever increasing demand] for more silver!

Not only is the government of China buying up tons of gold and silver annually, but the 1.3 billion citizens are buying these metals by the truckload, keeping a strong pressure to push the per ounce price of silver higher in the future.

According to these facts, all the economic forces combined are bound to push the price of silver higher in the near and far future, which is why so many economic analysts are now advocating everyone should own some of this unique metal.

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