Secrets About Making Money With YouTube Videos

Lots of people these days are acim youtube and services with internet videos. There is no doubt that video is a dream medium for some types of products. Just flip on your television and you can find the types of products that are tested and proven to sell with video sales pitches.

Home Shopping Network and infomercial producers have been testing video marketing ideas for decades and they know what can and cannot be sold profitably with video.

YouTube videos have a great advantage over TV advertising – they are free to post so a bad script or bad product is seldom a costly marketing mistake. However that is no reason to expect bad quality videos to sell products.

Selling via video isn’t rocket science. Craftsmanship pays however, so if you want results, consider the five secrets and ignore them at your peril.

The first secret is – your video must have a call to action.

The internet is different from TV advertising. Online shoppers are much more selective about the videos the will watch. Unless your video makes a compelling “direct response” presentation your customer will seldom take action. This can be in the form of instructing the viewer to visit your website or pick up the phone and order.

The Second Secret is – Don’t “wing it” when shooting your video

There is a lot of bad content on YouTube these days. Your sales video cannot afford to be bad. A well thought-out script doesn’t have to have an exceptionally polished delivery to create a powerful marketing message.

A good script begins with the end in mind. A script should not ramble. It should not be overlong and it should not be boring. Its not necessary for the presenter to follow the script exactly, but it is important that he or she not go off on tangents.

The Third Secret – Production Values Matter

Just setting up a camera in your back yard and shooting a video hoping your enthusiasm and charisma will sell your product is naive. The reason this sort of marketing seems acceptable is because so many people are doing it… but hey probably aren’t making much money at it.

The Fourth Secret – Don’t Be A Network Marketing Idiot

I don’t wish to say participating in network marketing makes you an idiot. Thousands of people join network marketing companies on a daily basis and YouTube videos are an effective way to get out the word about your network marketing business. Don’t expect miracles. Put your best foot forward. If you come off as unprofessional or casual people won’t be inspired to do business with you. Take my word for it – polish counts in network marketing.

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