That Is the Question, Interview Vs Topic Vs Co-Hosting Based Podcast

There are three types of acim basis. By weighing up the pros and cons of each type, for a clear direction what basis suits you, your situation and your needs, and what the best base will be for your listeners. The three types of Podcasting bases are the Interview based Podcast, The Topic based Podcast and the Co-Host based Podcast.

Interview Based Podcast.

The guest brings the content. Prior to the Podcast recording, powerful relationship building in your niche market takes a large slice of your time, but is worth every second of it. Podcaster gurus used this strategy to build a seven-figure income business in a short time. You have a superb platform to reach out to your guest speaker, a voice and a Podcast.

For you the Podcaster, there is not a ton of preparation to do. You wake up in the morning, set up the equipment, know what questions you are going to ask your guest and let the conversation flow. You only prepare the guest introduction.

If you are not very well clued up with the speaking skills, work on it and you will drastically improve over time. Soon you will speak with confidence and a new microphone will give you a magic voice.

Your well-known guests in the niche market have already obtained a large audience. Successful and inspiring entrepreneurs all have one point in common and that is a massive audience. Send your guest an email the following morning with all the links in place to share with his audience. When you start from zero in the broadcasting world, you expose yourself to massive audiences for the first time which impact over a long time.

There are Cons in the broadcasting world, for instance finding your first guests are not always easy. Scheduling is a nightmare, but with time you will reach the top and automate the biggest part.

In reality, not all Podcasting experiences will shine, no matter what you do. There are also surprises, for instance, when you hesitate to publish a Podcast and expect the worst, listeners might email you saying that your interview struck a chord in a great way that inspired them.

When competing Podcasters see your success they might copy you, with the result the interview procedure might become repetitive to the listeners. Be unique, find your hook and your Podcasts out there!

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