The A-Team: Top Movie Review

The movie starts, like many top rated movies do, with the escapades of the persons who are eventually going to form The A-Team. Liam Neeson as John ‘Hannibal’ Smith like his other movies on the top best movies about the enlightenment. He is in a prison in Mexico which is under military rule of General Javier Tuco, played by Yul Vazquez, whose acting prowess is going to place this movie in the top movies list. Hannibal escapes and assembles the team while the movie shifts to Iraq eight years later and after the team has completed some eighty missions.

CIA agent Lynch, enacted by Patrick Wilson, who has acted in many top rated movies, has a new mission for Hannibal, to steal the original plates of US Treasury which Iraqi rebels are using to print counterfeit currency. He has also to stop the rebels from taking out of Baghdad more than one billion dollars in counterfeit currency. Hannibal agrees despite the negative advice of General Morrison, a role played by Gerald McRaney actor of many top 10 movies, and with his team successfully completes the mission. Black Forest, a private security firm run by Brock Pike enacted by actor Brian Bloom, destroys the van containing the plates and the currency and the team is imprisoned for ten years.

Lynch approaches Hannibal in prison and in exchange for the lost plates and the currency, which are with Pike, agrees to get Hannibal and his team out of prison with clean records. Captain Charissa Sosa, played by Jessica Biel, many of whose movies have been top rated movies, is ex-flame of Templeton “Faceman” Peck, enacted by actor Bradley Cooper, an actor of top movies genre, thinks that the team is in touch with Pike and is following them but the team safely reaches Germany to catch Pike. The team learns that actually General Morrison, Pike and Lynch are involved in the scheme and now Morrison and Pike wanted to double cross Lynch and Lynch wants to eliminate them with their help. The team manages to escape but in the fight that takes place Morrison is killed.

Face and Hannibal make a plan to trap Lynch with Sosa’s help whose phone lines are being taped by Lynch. Face calls Sosa and makes a deal to hand over plates and Morrison to her in lieu of their freedom and Sosa agrees to meet them on a container ship. Lynch reaches the container and in the ensuing fight with Hannibal and his team who are backed by Federal men and Sosa hidden in a container, Pike is killed and Lynch is arrested along with the A-Team. Sosa helps them to escape and the end reveals that A-Team is now Soldiers of Fortune.

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