The Best Stock Investments for 2015 and Beyond

Why complicate your search when some of the best best stocks to buy investments can be found quite simply? The best stock funds are easily accessible as well, and the advantages they offer rank them as some of the average investor’s very best stock investments for 2015 and beyond. Traditional mutual funds offer the average long-term investor diversification and professional money management. But they may not be your best stock investments if you’re interested in exploring a wider range of opportunities. The best stock funds for you could be exchange traded funds (ETFs), which trade as stocks. You can find hundreds and hundreds of these listed by types or categories on any discount broker’s site or at a financial site like Yahoo Finance.

Let’s look at the advantages that make these the best stock investments for folks who want to take charge and find real opportunities in 2015 and beyond. These funds are low-cost and carry no sales charges, plus they are highly liquid. For a $10 commission (or less) you can buy or sell shares quickly and easily anytime the markets are open. They are also the best stock funds if you want to stay up to date and track the value of your holdings. You can find out where you stand and what your account is worth anytime of the night or day.

You’ll also find more choices. You can bet on the market (like the Dow Jones Average) in general, or within just about any sector or industry. Examples here include gold miners, real estate, natural resources, energy in general, or in the oil sector specifically. For example, in early 2015 oil prices were falling like a rock, which hurt the outlook for oil companies. When the price of oil rebounds, how might you take advantage of this turnaround? One of the best stock investments and an easy way to go would be to simply buy an ETF that invests in oil companies.

What if you want to get a bit aggressive and use financial leverage to magnify your profit potential – but are fearful of buying on margin or trading options? If you want to keep it simple, your best stock investments are leveraged ETFs. Here you can get two or three times the action with one simple buy order. Obviously, your risk factor is magnified as well.

Which ETFs will be the best stock investments for 2015 and beyond will heavily depend on the general direction of the market. After all, we’ve been in a bull (up) market for over six years, and there’s a lot of uncertainty out there. If the market takes a dive in 2015 and/or 2016, it will be very difficult to pick a winner. On the other hand, you could go “short” and bet on falling prices. If you go with the best stock funds you can bet that the market in general will fall, with financial leverage to magnify your profits two or three times if in fact it does.

How do you find these best stock funds for a bear (down) market? They fall under the category called “inverse equity funds”. They are designed to go up when the market goes down, with financial leverage. If you want to bet against the major market indexes (like the Dow, S&P 500, or the NASDAQ) these are the simplest and best stock investments for the average investor.

You can simplify your financial life once you realize that your best stock investments and the best stock funds can be one and the same in 2015 and beyond. Get familiar with the universe of ETFs and the wide array of choices available. There’s always opportunity somewhere for investors who know where to look.

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