The Proven Secrets to Christian Book Promotion

a course in miracles books thing. Publishing it is another. Promoting it is a whole new different ball game. Self-publishing your book entails a lot of effort, especially in the marketing stages, and Christian book promotion is no different.

There are several ways through which a writer can put his book on a wider market. One way is to make a list of public events in which he can show up to share his visions and promote his books. A Christian writer can organize his own book signing events in local bookstores, book fairs or in Christian writers’ conferences and conventions. This strategy allows face-to-face interactions with the book’s potential readers, and may also give the writer an opportunity to get a spot as a speaker and speak about what his book is all about.

A Christian writer can also arrange to get a chance to speak to a Sunday service congregation and share the wealth of Christian knowledge contained in his book. For who would better relate with his visions than his own brothers and sisters in faith? Or it could be during a weekday prayer meeting, where he can take the opportunity of promoting his book by sharing some of the experiences reflected on it and how he has overcome them through the grace of God. Play to your knowledge and strengths and share your knowledge to people so that they know just how much of an expert you are in the theme that you have chosen to write about.

Mass media can also serve as a platform for promoting your Christian book. Apart from writing and distributing a press release, there are Christian T.V. or radio shows you can arrange an interview with to market your book to a wider audience. This strategy takes a lot of effort, patience and professionalism and it is important to keep your cool and not take it against any organization for turning you down. Because apart from promoting a Christian book, do not forget that you are also supposed to be promoting your Christian way of life.

Another effective strategy to getting your book read is collating reviews of your book or previous works from editors or fellow writers, and posting them on your book to gain you and your book a sense of credibility. You can also buy space to advertise your book in magazines and newspapers, with creative headlines and descriptions to intrigue potential readers.

Lastly, there’s the world wide web to use for your book marketing purposes. Promote your book in online communities, in your own blog, or even in your social network page to let a wider part of the world know of the benefits of purchasing and reading your book. You may also use pay-per-click ads, publish a promotional description to a Christian E-zine, or direct a video promoting your book to post on YouTube. There are a hundred other ways a writer can creatively promote his book. And it is as much the promotion as the effort he would have to put in each one of them.

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