Waterless Cookware – Healthier, Better Tasting Foods

belgique cookware reviews might be one of the best-kept secrets for cooks. It is also known as “water-less” or “vapor” cooking. The idea is to cook foods using their own moisture and not add additional water or fats when cooking. Waterless cookware is specially made with multiple layers of metal to evenly distribute heat and retain more moisture. Because there is no added water, foods retain more of their vitamins and minerals which are cooked out of foods during cooking with water. Food also tastes and looks better because it retains more of the natural flavor and color.

Waterless cookware is made from a stainless steel outer shell. Inside this shell are multiple layers of metals bonded together with the main metal being aluminum. Stainless steel is resistant to erosion from chemicals, elements, and normal wear and tear. Although aluminum heats quickly, it breaks down quickly and can leach into foods. Placing the aluminum between the stainless steel layers prevents leaching while allowing the heat to transfer for fast and even cooking. The stainless steel does not heat as quickly, but it does retain heat for a longer period once it does get hot. The aluminum encased inside stainless steel means the aluminum will heat quickly, while the stainless steel will retain the heat. This gives you the benefits of both without the negative aspects of either metal.

The design of waterless cookware also helps it cook foods better than traditional pots and pans. When the pan starts heating up, moisture rises to the lid and drips down to the top lip of the pan. This creates a seal to keep moisture trapped inside the pan. Waterless cookware lids are much heavier than traditional cookware lids, which provides the necessary weight to create and maintain a good seal. Some lids have a valve to create a whistle when the temperature has reached a certain point. This valve isn’t on all lids, and is not necessary to effectively cook with waterless cookware.

Waterless cookware is more expensive than traditional cookware, however the quality justifies the cost. Waterless cookware in the United States must adhere to strict rules and regulations for high quality and safety. This type of pan will allow food to cook much faster at a lower temperature which reduces the amount of energy required to cook. It cooks foods in their own juices, so food tastes better. Since you do not add any water, all vitamins and minerals are retained so foods are healthier than when using other cookware. The higher cost is offset by a lower amount of energy, less time to cook, and healthier food.

Not only do you not need excess water to cook, but you also don’t need excess oil, fat, or butter. This helps you cook healthier, because cooking in fats adds a lot of calories and cholesterol. Vegetables contain a lot of water, so cooking them in water makes the vitamins and minerals to seep out. The nutrients then stay in the water when you dump it in the sink. With cookware, you food is healthier and tastes better without added fats.

Waterless cookware is an investment, but it is an investment in your health. You will preserve more nutrients in your foods while reducing unnecessary fats and oils. Foods will look better and taste better with waterless cookware. Stainless steel and aluminum cookware both have advantages and disadvantages, but combing them in this unique way gives you the advantages of both without any of the disadvantages.

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