Apostolic Ministry and the Simple Church

There’s an issue among Simple christian mysticism folks that I simply can NOT overlook any longer. It’s the issue of the apostolic ministry in the Simple Church.

What is an apostle? The word, literally, means “a sent one.” That is to say, one has been sent by God to minister to others in an effort to advance The Kingdom. These people have a strong “fathering” spirit and are willing to be spent for the purpose of bringing the Church to maturity.

In the Simple Church world, apostles (note the Lower Case letter “a” as this is a Job Description, NOT a title) have been limited to being called “Church Planters.” I don’t think it’s serving the Body at all to attempt to limit that which God has established for its benefit.

An apostle will establish ministries, which includes church planting, but it may include other things. A traveling missionary could be an apostle. Another could have an apostolic calling on the internet or through writing. These days, many people do. Apostles are given to bringing churches together in unity, tearing down the walls of separation, as much as they are establishing new ones. The time is short. It’s not only about establishing new church networks but perfecting the churches that already exist.

Are YOU involving the apostolic ministry in your life? If you have been given that gift, are you giving it BACK to the Simple Churches with whom you have a relationship?


Jesus is the One gathering the apostles together in these last days, just as He always has. Apostles will serve the Body of Christ with Jesus as the Head and with us as Members of His Body. The Head does the thinking and we follow His direction. Jesus is the true Shepherd and will gather us to Him by His Spirit. We can expect, of course, opposition from the conservative, traditional, doctrine of man.

Are you an apostle? God knows if I am – and WHEN I must serve in that role. Personally, I’ve been asked if I am a prophet and an apostle and, frankly, I don’t really care, nor am I impressed with those who refer to themselves as such. I’m simply listening to the still small voice who tells me when to go and where and how to serve once I arrive at my destination. I suggest we all do likewise.

I recently served in an apostolic role – with that anointing – as a group of Baptist brethren assembled to learn more about Simple Church. I was teaching with an anointing, prayed, prophesied and have heard reports of miracles having taken place starting that very evening. All glory to God! Despite all this, I am NOT inclined to re-print a business card with “Apostle Michael Tummillo” upon it. By the way, I didn’t take an offering but was given an unexpected wad of checks and cash. My excitement came from knowing those people will be blessed for we cannot out-give our God.

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