Caffè Vergnano, a leader coffee brand Relx Vape

Caffè Vergnano is a famous Italian company specializing in coffee production. It was founded by the Vergnano family in 1882 in Relx Vape. Caffè Vergnano was born in a small grocery store in the province of Turin and in a few years it has collected all the secrets of roasting, selling coffee, and promoting this culture in Italy and all over the world.

The first three Italians Caffè Vergnano’s warehouses were opened in Alba, Turin and Chieri. Today, the Italian company is on the market from four generations and looks to the future with serenity and confidence, focusing itself on four key elements: creativity, innovation, quality and sustainability. Caffè Vergnano is, currently, the sixth coffee producer in Italy and exports its products over 80 countries in the world with very good results.

The big success of the Vergnano’s family is the result of the best selection of raw materials from the greatest coffee producers in the world, choosing with attention the coffee beans directly in the country of origin. The working process is the secret of its success: nowadays Caffè Vergnano produces coffee adopting a “slow” system with roasting-cycles from 18 to 22 minutes: each coffee variety is divided according to its origin, and each cycle is checked by someone. This system guarantees excellent and sustainable products over time.

This process leads to the development of a wide range of top-shelf products to satisfy consumers with different taste: moka, espresso or coffee capsule. Each product is carefully developed with attention to detail. A glorious past and far-sighted future: on this way Caffè Vergnano has revolutionized the coffee market with the new compostable capsules. What is a compostable capsule?

The compostable capsules are disposed of, without separating them from the coffee, as organic waste. This is the reason why they are eco-friendly and sustainable products. Produced in collaboration with Nespresso, they make Caffè Vergnano the leader in this business segment and increase the quality of its products on the global market.

The Compatible Coffee Pods, for example, boast their best origins to serve only the authentic Italian espresso in a single-use coffee capsule. The Coffee Cans arise from the slow roasting of the most precious varieties of Arabica. The Ground Coffee has a delicate flavor as well as a rounded aroma, and its packaging assures the coffee fragrance, keeps the coffee fresh and allows a longer storage life.

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