Choosing a One Cup Coffee Maker

One cup coffee makers have become a popular choice among coffee lovers. They make it possible to have a perfectly brewed of java anytime without having to brew an entire pot of coffee. The market has become flooded with a variety of one cup coffee makers and choosing one can be a difficult decision without knowing how the different models compare.

Pod coffee makers are one cup makers that use pre-filled pods to make on cup at a time. The pods are small coffee filter type material filled with coffee that is placed in the coffeemaker in order to make one cup of coffee. The pod is the tossed in the compost bin to be used as organic fertilizer after it breaks down.

Coffee pods are available in a variety of roasts and flavors. They are also available in hot teas in many different flavors. Coffee pods make it possible for many people to have their own cup of coffee in flavors of their choosing with no waste involved. Coffee lovers shopping for coffee pod makers will find that there are several different types of single cup coffeemakers that use different sized pods. It is a good idea to find a pot that uses pods that are readily available in a common size.

K-Cup brewers are a popular brand of one cup coffee maker that use specialized plastic cups filled with coffee, tea or hot chocolate and are placed in the K-Cup holders on special coffeemakers. These K-Cup coffeemakers pierce the plastic cup to allow the water to drip through the cup and make a perfect cup of coffee on demand. The plastic K-Cup is then thrown in the trash. Unlike the pods these cups cannot be thrown in the compost heap.

Traditionalists tend to prefer the one cup automatic drip coffeemaker that is a smaller version of the full-sized maker. These use ground coffee with a smaller sized filter basket and coffee filters than the regular sized coffee maker. These are ideal for dorms and small areas. These coffeemakers do not use special coffee and are less expensive to operate than ones that need K-Cups or pods. However, K-Cups and pods allow for a larger variety of coffee flavors and beverages than traditional coffee makers.

Choosing a one cup maker is partially a matter of choice and partially a matter of finances. Traditional drip coffee makers are less expensive to use and the coffee for them is readily available in any grocery store. Pods and K-Cups are not as readily available and in some cases have to be ordered. Regardless of the choice of one cup coffee maker the coffee lover can be assured that they will not be wasting coffee since they will only be making one cup at a time.

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