Got the Munchies? Clubs That Keeps the Kitchen Open Late

The New York City nightlife is famous worldwide for its events, fast paced fun and energetic, excited people. The NYC comprises of the trendiest best cancun bars that offers great service, delicious cuisine and is vibrant with activities and events organized daily. There are many night clubs in New York City that keeps the kitchen open till late hours of night. These clubs are a regular hangout place for people. They offer great food and are regular spots for celebrity sightings. The dance floor along with the VIP treatment at some of these clubs makes the atmosphere electrifying.

There are many nightclubs in New York City that keeps the kitchen open till late. Some of the most popular among them include: Room Service, Suzie Wongs and Tenjune/STK.

Room Service is among the premier nightclubs in the New York City. It is located in the Flat Iron district and offers high class service with plush atmosphere. There are private rooms within the club equipped with television system, DVDs and concierge service to fulfill customer’s needs. There is a mini bar with stocked snack and the VIP treatment makes the atmosphere electrifying.

Suzie Wongs is a professional, stylish destination with deep crimson and black interiors which sets a classy tone with easy, low slung seating. Suzy Wong’s has a great romantic vibe and is very crowded particularly on the weekends. The outside patio offers fabulous sights of the Atlanta skyline. The wine list is particularly popular with great cuisine that can be ordered throughout the night.

Tenjune offers complete VIP treatment to its customers. The inside decor is electric with sexual texture-wavy wood grains, zebra prints and marble accents with walls of violet velvet. The dance floor is horse shoe shaped with the DJ both strategically placed to keep the energy flowing. This is a spot for regular celebrity sightings like Lindsay Lohan and Diddy. The service is great with delicious cuisine that runs till late at night.

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